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Saturday, 21 November 2015 18:29

Monteverde Erasable Ballpoint refill

Written by Bert Oser

Monteverde USA® is now offering an erasable ballpoint refill that has been reinvented to now be a universal fit for a wide range of ballpoint pen brands from around the world. This erasble Parker Style international refill, a design which has become the standard ballpoint refill design used in many of today’s most popular ballpoint pens, offers the permance of ink, with the convenient ability of quickly and easily erase mistakes.


Erasable Parker Refill


From the world of luxury and inovation Monteverde presents the erasable ballpoint refill. 

Monteverde Erasable Refill


For those of you who remember Papermate had an earasable Ballpoint pen some 35 plus years ago. It didnt last long but I do remember using them. This refill is a standard Parker style refill so it will fit most pens today, These refills come in blue and black medium point only.  A short list is, Parker,Aurora, Delta, Monteverde, Conklin, Stipula, Montegrappa, the list goes on. If you need help selecting a refill for your pen we are here to help in finding exactly what you need.

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Saturday, 21 November 2015 17:28

Retro 51 Twinkle Popper

Written by Bert Oser

Bertram's Inkwell and Retro 51 present the latest retro 51 popper series pen and its called Twinkle. We received a very limited quantity of these pens and I think Retro 51 has created another winner in this series. These pens do sell out quickly but fortunatly the quantity made has more then double. 

 Retro 51 Popper Twinkle


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Lights are starting to shimmer at night and the sweet sound of carols fill the room. We love the holiday season and designed this special Popper in the spirit of the most wonderful time of the year! Twinkle is a unique Popper with an aluminum barrel diamond cut to reveal several stars that reflect the light in a most elegant way. It is finished with rose gold accents that have been numbered on the top ring and packaged in a matching tube. Limited number of 1225 pens made worldwide. 


 Retro 51 Popper Pen
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Saturday, 08 August 2015 18:34

Fountain Pen Repair at Bertram's Inkwell

Written by Bert Oser
Fountain pen repair has been an integral part of our business at Bertram's Inkwell for over 30 years!  Bertram's Inkwell has repaired pens of all makes, models, and manufacturers.  We've repaired both vintage and modern pens.  Recently Bertram's Inkwell has also partnered with a plastics welder, which enables us to seamlessly rebuild split and cracked plastic/celluloid pen sections.  We hate to see a broken pen, so we have dedicated our resources to bringing your pen back to life and restoring it back to perfect working order.  Whether it's a fountain pen, rollerball, ballpoint, or mechanical pencil, no repair job is too big or too small for us to tackle.   
Tim Girdler Pen RepairPen RepairPen Repair PartsHirsch Davis Vintage Pens
Saturday, 04 April 2015 14:06

Miami Pen Show 2015 Dadeland Marriott

Written by Bert Oser           

We're looking forward to the 2015 Miami Pen Show!  Dadeland Marriott Miami Pen Show
The show takes place at the Dadeland Marriott Miami Florida, with all the bells and whistles you might expect. But what this hotel offers, which most shows don't, is the ammenities like the Dadeland Mall.  What's the big deal about a mall at a pen show you might ask? Well it's the restaurants that are within walking distance that are located in and around the mall and hotel. I look forward to this venue with a great location just 10 miles south of Miami Int'l Airport, with easy access by car and train tranportation. Lots more to share with you but for now I need to try to figure out the table configuration.  This show will be in the Dantran Ballroom, which at 3500 square feet will only hold approximately 60 tables with wall space at a premium. If we oversell the tables, I've arranged for additional space in the hallway coming into the show, and a repairs - and restoration - specific ballroom.  Trust that you will be cared for at the show with a full sit-down breakfast on both Saturday and Sunday, and boxed lunch delivered to your table on Saturday and Sunday as well.  By covering the cost of breakfast and lunch, you are able to reduce your cost to attend the Miami Pen Show.  Hopefully this benefit exemplifies which pen shows to attend. 

Mark your calendar for July 10-12, 2015 for the Miami Pen Show Dadeland.

Just a quick update for those of you that are going to Miami for the pen show at the Dadeland Marriott in July. The first round of post cards will be sent shortly as an early reminder for folks in the South East.  States I will be mailing to include Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. This will be a mass mailing. Other postcards will be sent to lists in many other states.   And we will have banners on the Miami Herald Online Newspaper starting in early June.  Ads in the Miami Herald (which is the largest newspaper, covering Miami-Dade and Broward counties in south Florida, with an estimated population of 4.5 million people) will run 7-10 days prior to the show. Our marketing efforts ensure maximum exposure.  Book your rooms now because the special pen show rate is only good for a limited time, and be sure to mention the Miami Pen Show when booking.  Dealers will be listed in the coming weeks, and if you still have not decided to attend, please do consider this show. I have dealers coming from all across the USA, as well as Mexico, Russia and South America giving the Miami Pen show a truly international prominance, which in turn will bring more attention to the show and more folks coming through the doors.

Also, many thanks to the main sponsor of the show, Yafa Pen Company, distributor and manufacturer of great brands like DeltaStipulaConklin, and Monteverde.  Yafa Brands - where a world of luxury and innovation become one!

Please contact me directly with any questions you may have.

Pelikan Souveran M805 Special Edition Demo Fountain Pen


Pelikan Souveran M805 Special Edition Demo Fountain Pen


The first demonstrator fountain pens were used by the salesman of the pen
companies to show the dealers how the pens filled and how the filling mechanisim worked. While not designed for
resale very few of these pens were made, thus the Demonstrator pens have become
very collectable and sought after. Following the successful launch of the M800
Demonstrator in 2008. Pelikan and Bertram's Inkwell are pleased to
announced the newest addition to the 800 series Demonstrator series. The M805
featuring Platinum plated accents and a Rhodium plated 18K nib,
availeable in Extra-Fine, Fine, Medium and
Broad. Specialty nibs and Italics can be ordered and custom ground to customer
specifics. These pens will only be available for a short period of time and with
the popularity of the original M800 (gold plated trim) this pen will sell out

Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:55

Pelikan Souveran 805 Stresemann

Written by Bert Oser

Pelikan Souveran 805 Stresemann Anthracite Grey


The Pelikan Souveran 805 Stresemann Anthracite Grey

The foreign minister of the Weimar Republic, Gustav Stresemann (1879- 1929), was honored with the Nobel Prize for Peace in 1926: Together with his French colleague Aristide Briand, he was acknowleged for his reconciliatory work between the nations after World War I. Besides his impressive political career, Stresemann also became famous for the creation of a new kind of suit that was still sufficiently formal for official presentations and yet comfortable enough for his work at the office. Stresemann liked to wear suits with thin stripes, and, as life sometimes goes, a legend developed … and suddenly, people called the striped fountain pens from Pelikan -- that were just then starting their global tour of success around the world -- by the name of „Stresemann“.
Both the suits and the pens still carry that name to this day. To officially acknowledge and honor this legend, Pelikan has now named the latest addition to the standard collection, the Souverän with elegant stripes in anthracite, the „Stresemann“.
The barrel with the deceptively simple anthracite stripes is made of cellulose acetate, using a traditional process that‘s extremely work-intensive. For the black, finely turned pieces, high-quality resin was used. The clip and the rings are plated with palladium. The nib is made of 18 carat gold and then completely rhodinized to obtain a silver sheen. Every single writing instrument is mounted by hand and carefully checked to fulfill the strictest quality criteria.
Wednesday, 01 April 2015 16:38

Pelikan Classic 200 Café Crème

Written by Bert Oser

Pelikan Classic 200 Cafe Creme


The Pelikan Classic 200 Café Crème

A dreamy color combination - inspired by the world of coffee.
If you treasure the finer things in life, chances are high that you’ll know how to savour things – be it a perfect cup of coffee, a latte or a smoothly working fountain pen that glides effordlessly across paper. The beautiful coloring of a latte macchiato drink inspired us to create this fountain pen. It was made for the connoisseurs among you – those who know how to enjoy the things that count.
The series 200 Café-Crème will be available as fountain pen and ballpen for a limited time. The stainless steel nib of the fountain pen M200 Café-Crème and the decorative elements are gold-plated. Both the dark-brown pieces as well as the creamy colored barrel are made of polished high-quality resin.



Wednesday, 01 April 2015 15:57

New Retro 1951 Jackie and Dimples Pens

Written by Bert Oser

Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Jackie Capless RollerballRetro 51 Tornado Snapper Dimples Capless Rollerball


Express and impress with new designs from Retro 1951!  Pick up one of these designs and express yourself!  Not only do they write great, but they also show off your taste in fashionable accessories, and that is impressive! 

The Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Jackie - VRR-1339 - (Vintage Metalsmith)- Twist-top rollerball

-Acid-etched with a houndstooth pattern that is plated in antique silver and then printed with an accenting white lacquer.


The Retro 51 Tornado Snapper Dimples - TSB-017 - (Snapper)- Click-action ballpoint-

-Acid-etched with a circular indention and then plated in a matte black.


Wednesday, 10 December 2014 17:05

Open House, Holiday Hours, Omas/Montegrappa Trunk Show

Written by Bert Oser
Bertram's Inkwell logo
Join us for a fun Open House and Omas/Montegrappa Trunk Show
20th  * December  * 2014

11300 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852

Enjoy light refreshments and holiday cheer while visiting the staff at Bertram's Inkwell.
Omas Deco Pen
Montegrappa Fountain Pen
10:00am until 7:00pm
December 20, 2014
Bertram's Inkwell
at One Central Plaza
11300 Rockville Pike Ste. 109
Rockville, MD 20852

This is the season to be thankful, and we are thankful for each and every one of you!  Bertram's Inkwell is not just a pen store, but is also a community of friends that enjoy fine writing instruments.  Thank you for trusting us to fulfill your writing needs!  

Join us for light refreshments while chatting with the friendly staff of Bertram's Inkwell!  Come see your "pen family", and even feel free to show off your latest pen acquisitions!  It's going to be a ton of fun, and you won't want to miss out! 


Please note that starting December 11th through December 23rd, we are open Monday through Saturday until 7pm to make your holiday shopping easier!  

We are also looking forward to having Tim Girdler, the incredible nib technician, come to our store on this Saturday, December 20th, from 11:30am- 6:30pm.  He does wonders with the toughest of nib "problems".  Whether you need a nib straightened, ground, tuned, or adjusting the flow - he's your man for the job!  You can see from his website at how dedicated he is to the craft.  Tim Girdler studied under Richard Binder for quite some time before starting out doing nib repairs for his own pens, which then led him to want to help others and repair their pens.

Tim Girdler has agreed to customize any nib on any fountain pen that you buy from Bertram's Inkwell on the Saturdays that he is at the store for free!

Hirsch Davis has an incredible collection of vintage fountain pens of all different manufacturers that he's displaying and selling.  Come see this amazing collection offered for sale!  Hirsch will be on hand to buy/trade/sell, and appraise pens as well.

Tim Girdler working hard! 
Sunday, 27 July 2014 19:36

Benefits of Journaling

Written by Bert Oser

Hi folks!

I just read an article about the benefits of journaling that I want to share with you.  It's really cool and informative!  Personally, I make sure to journal every day.  Whether it's to chronicle my daily activities, keep track of accomplishments, or to use therapeutically, I find keeping a journal incredibly helpful and beneficial.  Plus, there's nothing quite like the smoothness of a fountain pen putting my words to paper!  

Here's the article for your enjoyment:


Keep on writing!


Bertram's Inkwell

Wednesday, 28 May 2014 17:20

Miami Pen Show 2014 Dadeland Marriott

Written by Bert Oser

Miami Dadeland Marriott

Well, we finally booked the 2014 Miami Pen Show. This is at the traditional Dadeland Marriott with all the bells and whistles you might expect. But what this hotel offers which most shows don't is the ammenities like the Dadeland Mall. What's the big deal about a mall at a pen show you might ask? Well it's the restaurants that are within walking distance that are located in and around the mall and hotel. I look forward to this venue with a great location just 10 miles south of Miami Intl Airport, with easy access by car and train tranportation. Lots more to share with you but for now I need to try to figure out the table configuration.  This show will be in the Dantran Ballroom wich at 3500SF will only hold approximately 60 tables with wall space at a premium. If we oversell the tables, I've arranged for additional space in the hallway coming into the show, and a repairs - and restoration - specific ballroom.  

Mark your calendar for July 11-13, 2014 for the Miami Pen Show Dadeland.

Just a quick update for those of you planning to go to Miami for the pen show at the Dadeland Marriott in July. The first round of post cards will be sent shortly as an early reminder for folks in the South East. States I will be mailing to include Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana. This will be a mass mailing. Other postcards will be sent to lists in many other states.   And we will have banners on the Miami Herald Online Newspaper starting in early June. Press releases will be sent to media outlets in late June or early July with the hopes of getting press coverage before and during the show. Ads in the Miami Herald will run 7-10 days prior to the show. The room block is filling up, but as of today I still have rooms. BUT the rate is only good for a limited time, so please book your rooms now to get the pen show rate. Dealers will be listed in the coming weeks, and if you still have not decided to attend, please do consider this show. I have dealers coming from all across the USA, as well as Mexico,Russia and South America giving the Miami Pen show a truly international prominance, which in turn will bring more attention to the show and more folks coming through the doors.

Also, we must recognize the main sponsor of the show, Yafa Pen Company, distributor and manufacturer of great brands like Delta, Stipula, Conklin, and Monteverde.  Yafa Brands - where a world of luxury and innovation become one!

Please contact me directly with any questions you may have.
Friday, 28 March 2014 21:44

Sherpa Pen For Sharpies By Sherpa

Written by Bert Oser

Sherpa Pen For Sharpies By Sherpa           (Try saying that 3 times fast!)

Talk about an ugly pen!  It pains me to even write that because I love pens - really, almost all of them no matter the brand, price, or style.  But a Sharpie has a colorless grey body with more advertising on it than a pharmaceutical promo pen.  Even the Sharpie cap (which barely snaps onto the body) has the worst clip of any pen on the planet - so bad that it probably can't hold it's own weight in a shirt pocket.  Ah, you may say then: "Why do so many people use them"?  Their uses are just endless: cooks, teachers, cops, golfers, and just about every athlete uses one to sign autographs.  How do movie stars and the musical greats carry such an ugly pen around while wearing 10 or 100's of thousands of dollars worth of clothes and jewlery?  Well, they buy a Sherpa.  This converts the unsightly to the unique. The Sherpa is a cover or holder for the Sharpie.  Simply unscrew the front section of the pen and drop the Sharpie inside. Trash that worthless cap and use the cap with the Sherpa and you've got yourself one nice pen.  The Sherpa cover also takes Uniball and many other inexpensive pens.  We have in stock most of the models offered and there are always more coming.  I've listed some closeouts in our Specials section, so don't forget to check them out!


Sherpa HoneycombSherpa GolfSherpa Mr. Pinstripe

Sherpa Year Of The Dragon



Thursday, 27 March 2014 16:21

Delta Bribri Indigenous People's Collection

Written by Bert Oser

In 2003 Delta launched a new era in pen collecting, not honoring buildings, places, or individuals, but indigenous peoples of the world.  While most of you might be familiar with the series, here is just a quick list of the past pens made.  All are limited editions, some of which have been so successful that they are now sold-out.  Most of the collections consisted of 4 writing instruments. The most expensive being the Celebration fountain pen, which was trimmed in 18kt solid gold and topped with a diamond.  Next would be truly unique to Delta in today's modern fountain pens.  The next version of each series is a vermeil trim pen.  What makes these vermeil trimmed pens stand out is that they are filled with a lever and rubber sack.  The series is then followed by a silver trimmed fountain pen which uses cartridges and converter.  Finally, they make a ballpoint pen.  More about ballpoints later.  You can click the links on the images below and they will take you to Delta's website for better images and more information.

The Bribri people of Costa Rica are honored in the latest edition of Delta's celebrated indigenous collection of limited edition writing instruments.  The Bribri are an aboriginal people living in the rainforests and Caribbean coastal area of Costa Rica.  Given the right to live on their lands in 1977, the Bribri today are full members of modern society while retaining their native language and customs.


The barrels are made from special resin, turned by hand from solid bars. The end of the cap is adorned by a medallion that, in relief, portrays an ancient breastplate of pre-Colombian goldsmith art.


The clip depicts a frog sitting on a tree branch (in the geographic areas where the Bribri people are located there are more than 100 different species of frogs), while the central ring reproduces a Bribri tribal mask.


These detailed parts are obtained from traditional metal fusion or "lost wax" technique synonymous with pure craftsmanship, which is polished by hand and finished with plating in either rhodium or solid gold (depending on the version).


Each pen in the Bribri collection is limited to 977 pens. The collection is comprised of 977 piston-filled fountain pens in gold trim and in rhodium trim. There are 977 cartridge or converter filled fountain pens, capped roller balls and twist ballpoints.  All 3 of these versions come rhodium plated.  Coming soon is the Bertram's Inkwell exclusive ballpoint pen in gold-plated trim.  Only 18 of these stunning ballpoint pens will be made!  More information to come on that one soon.  All fountain pens are fitted with Delta's revolutionary Fusion nib.


The red coral rings on the pen have a brilliance that appeals to all, and if the color is too strong, there are black versions as well.

The fountain pens all come with the fusion nib, in point sizes: fine, medium, and broad.  For truly expressive writing the pens are available in stub.Delta Bri Bri

I'm really excited about these pens because we didn't get a collection in 2013, and rumor had it that the collection was complete.  The colors on all the indigenous people's pens are not only captive, but truly genius.  No other manufacturer makes pens like these.  The Mont Blanc writer's series is the only other company that has something like this and comes close to the success of the indigenous people's series.


Wednesday, 19 March 2014 13:34

Flexigran Pens By Richard Greenwald

Written by Bert Oser
Flexigran!  "What in the world is that?" you and others have asked.  Flexigran is the creation of a very passionate pen collector/pen maker, Richard L. Greenwald.  Lots of folks make pens from kits that you can buy from all kinds of companies.  Knobs, clips, barrels, and mechanisms are included to make it all work. Turn a particular material on a lathe, polish it, put it all together, and you have a semi-custom pen.  Richard got tired of buying the same materials all the other makers were using, so he set out to make his own polyurethane resin material.  After many hours working in his workshop, Flexigran was born.  And this stuff makes great pens!  Italian pen makers have used celluloid for years to make beautiful pens, but Flexigran is, by far, a much more beautiful material.  Its depth in color and variety make for pens like none other.  Rather than having a gold color, Flexigran has what appears to be gold flakes (he won't tell me what it is).  It has brilliant bursts of color that make the pen seem to have light emitting from the inside out.  While Richard has created many different colors, I will only be talking about 3 today. Those of you who bought the Bexley's 2014 Owners Club pen have specific colors made just for Bexley pen. I'm impressed that he's making the material for a major pen company like Bexley.  And guess who makes the pens for Richard?  You guessed right - it's Bexley. That said, here's a little background of the inventor of this incredible pen-making material.  I have known Richard for many years, and in that time we have become good friends.  He and I, along with his wife Betsy and my wife Jennifer, go out often and have a great time together.  What started as a relationship where he was the customer and I was the pen dealer has transformed into a very mutually beneficial business relationship.  While Richard and Betsy still buy pens from me, now I'm buying refills, pens, and having Richard repair various pens, and even engrave and hotstamp them for me.  If you have an older Parker Duofold ballpoint in need of repair, he is your man. Richard decided to not only have a fountain pen made, but also added a relatively new writing mode to each pen made.  It's called the rolling writer tip. Rolling writers have the tip, look, and feel of a roller ball, but use standard international cartridges (Monteverde) which you can fill directly with a Schmidt k-5 converter (included). The fountain pen nibs are available in fine, medium and broad.  All nibs are gold plated steel.  Tim Girdler, our nib repair technician/grinder, can grind any one of these nibs to his design Pillow Italic for a nominal charge.  See Tim at our store on March 29th from 11pm-4pm.   The first color, "Autumn" shown below, has won praises in the pen community and at the countless pen shows it has been offered.  Richard has been known to literally throw a pen on the ground to show the strength of Flexigran.  Some European makers might want to take note of this new material.  The depth of the golden color is what makes Flexigran so popular.  It has a brown base with golden swirls, mixed in with reds, greys, and even hints of pink.  Bring the pen into the light, and you might think the pen is 3 dimensional.   The second color, my favorite, is "Golden Green".  This is a secondary color for one of his originals called "Hail Victory".  "Hail Victory" is a burgundy based stock with golden flecks and swirls throughout the pen.  So naturally, "Green with Golden Flecks and Swirls" came next.  A dark green base is where this stock starts and then is back-filled with yellows and gold.  This material is so irridescent that you might think there is a metal lining under the shimmering body.  The more light you present to the pen, the deeper you can see into the Flexigran material.  I've tried to take pictures that bring out all I have described, but I am clearly not a photographer.   The third and most original combination is the "Sunrise" stock.  It's not the golden yellow, red, and orange you would imagine it having.  This material is based on lavender, pink, and violet.  It really reminds me of the movie Avitar when the main character, Jake Sully, transformed from human form to become an Avitar.  This color would be something Jerry Garcia could spend a lot of time on.  It's truly a captivating combination of light and color.  What makes these 3 colors so incredible is not just the colors, but also how the swirls and patterns create a new, or even one of a kind pen with each piece produced. The simplicity of the pens make for a true and natural writing experence.  It's a simple screw-on/screw-off cap, with a long tension-style clip.  The cap posts firmly and holds tight on the back of the barrel for those who prefer to post.  The pen uses standard international style cartridges (I use Monteverde).  And the pen comes with 2 Schmidt k-5 deluxe converters - one for the fountain pen section and one for the rolling writer. The pens all come with the standard Bertram's Inkwell 5 year warranty.   Please feel free to contact me with any questions regarding this new pen. Now let's get writing! Bert
Thursday, 13 March 2014 12:36

Monteverde Impressa Collection

Written by Bert Oser

Monteverde Impressa

"Creating ideas from the inside out" and "A world of luxury and innovation." These slogans are the doctrine for the Monteverde USA pen company.  With a passion to start his own pen company, Yair Greenberg created Monteverde USA in 1999.  It has not only become a reality, but Monteverde USA has become an international brand with distribution in countries around the world. Today's blog post will only cover one collection of the (literally) 100's of pens Monteverde USA has designed over this 10 year period.

The Monteverde Impressa collection is my pick to blog about today.  It has value, design, and quality.  The Impressa (I'm not going to say Impressive) collection really stands out in these 3 categories.  It's available in 3 writing modes: fountain pen, roller ball, and ballpoint, and comes in 4 stand-out finishes. The first 2 finishes are ideal for corporate promotion, where a more conservative gift my be required. These are Classic Black with either chrome trim or rose gold trim.  Next up are 2 finishes that are truly a first in not only color but color combinations.  Pearl White and metalic blue trim make a unique and fresh looking pen - whichever mode you choose to write with.  The last combination is a Gunmetal cap and body with red metallic trim - by far my favorite. The fountain pens come with either a black or steel nib making for an instrument of lasting "Impressions".

I really don't have another pen in the store that gives you so much value for so little money.  This is a full-sized writing instrument that gives you the feeling of something substantial and solid.

The Impressa fountain pen comes standard with a medium nib, which can be changed here at Bertram's Inkwell to fine or broad. I also have a stub nib for truly expressive writing. Depending on the pen's finish, the nibs are either natural steel or stealth black. A key feature on the Impressa fountain pen is the size of the nib.  Most, if not all fountain pens in this price category come with smaller, or #6 nibs.  The Impressa has a large #8 nib.  The larger nib gives much better flow due to the air circulation back into the reservoir.  These fountain pens come with the standard size Monteverde crystal converter, with a rubber plunger tip (not plastic like most converters).  If using a converter is not to your liking, the pen comes with two Monteverde international sized cartridges - one blue and one black. Monteverde has cartridges in 10 different colors -- even fluorescent yelow and orange.  Imagine getting the pen with a stub nib and dropping a fluorecent yellow cartridge into the pen, and you would have one heck of a really nice highlighter.Monteverde Impressa Fountain Pen

Next comes the roller ball, again in the same four eye-catching finishes. The size and weight of this pen give you the balance and heft of much more expensive roller balls. Whether the cap is posted or left off, the roller ball makes a great compliment to the fountain pen.  While the pen comes with black medium refills, I have in stock Schmidt refills in various points, colors, and prices.  Let me start with the basic: you can use Schmidt 888 style refills which come in blue and black, and fine or medium points. This is your best value at $9.95 for a 5-pack.  But if you're looking for some color, look at the Schmidt 5888 refill in many point and color options.  Starting with blue and black, I have 4 point ranges: extra fine or needle point (this tip looks like a technical point on a drafting pen), which are excellent for a precise and really fine line.  Fine and medium points are the standards.  For super-smooth writing I stock a broad point, which makes a bold signature and clear statement.  If the 12 choices of color or point aren't enough the Schmidt 5888 comes in the Rainbow collection of colors.  In medium point only, choose from: pink, light green, turquoise, purple, violet, orange, red, and green.  Just imagine all the fun you can have with color combinations with this pen!  No more basic black for this writer!Monteverde Impressa Rollerball

The Impressa Ballpoint completes this collection, and while I haven't mentioned anything about price, the ballpoints are so affordable that folks can afford more than one to enjoy the various color combinations.  Well-priced at $31.95, I honestly see why the "big boys" are having such a hard time competing in this market place.  The Impressa Ballpoint is a perfect pen for you to purchase for yourself or give as a gift when you just want to say "thank you" to that special friend. The Impressa Ballpoints take such a massive assortment of refills that I'm not even going to list them all.  I will say that Monteverde has more than enough refills that you need not look elsewhere.  The Impressa comes with a standard black medium point Monteverde refill.  But that's just the start of the options.  I have in stock 26 different refills that will fit this pen.  Black, blue, blue/black, red, green, turquoise, purple, orange, and brown.  All of them come in either medium ballpoint or fine gel.  The refill I use in all my pens (that will take them) is the Super Broad.  It comes in 3 colors here; black, blue and blue/black.  Finally, if precision is the order of the day, Monteverde (and only Monteverde) makes extra fine in black, blue, and blue/black.  Who would have thought one pen could be so versatile?

Monteverde Impressa Ballpoint

In the Monteverde Catalog it says. "The modern design starts at the top of the cap with a perfect square which then effortlessly transitions into the round barrel.  The sleek clip also starts at the top of the cap with a spring action that makes for smooth placement and removal from the pocket."

I didn't talk about the clip on these pens, but it deserves mention.  As the catalog states it has a "spring action clip", meaning the clip works on the power source of a spring and not the tension from bending the clip itself.  The advantage of this more expensive way of making a pen is that a spring action clip opens to a certain point, and then the spring contracts when placed in the pocket so it opens wider than the tension clip.  If opened too far, it will bend, thus not holding it in the pocket where you are sure to lose your writing instrument.  It's just another key feature Monteverde has included in the Impressa collection.

If you are impressed by something you see, you are moved to take a picture of it.  If you are moved by something said, you are moved to write it down.  With the Monteverde Impressa collection you will be impressed by both, what you see in its design and its finely engineered writing capabilities.


Thank you for reading!  Now let's get writing!

Friday, 07 March 2014 20:13

Visconti al-Aqsa

Written by Bert Oser

Visconti has come out with many pens over the years and Bertram's Inkwell has always partnered with the successes as well as some of the less popular models. Some of you remember and bought from me pens like the Voyager coral fountain pen (the first moderen era power filler).  Then came the Ufizi set in sterling silver filagree or vermeil. These are high priced pens that, today, command even higher prices on the secondary markets. Well, the master-mind of Dante Del Vecchio (owner/founder of Visconti Italy) has done it agin with al-Aqsa. This is an absolutely stunning pen with great attention to detail, design and material the likes of which I have not seen from any other pen maker. Looking at the images below you can see the pen is 8 sided and on each panel is adorned with small ceramics relicating the walls of the Mosque. The clip is adorned with a semiprecious stone made of similar material of the "foundation stone" that is preserved inside the Mosque.


The Dome of the Rock is located at the visual center of a platform known as the Temple Mount. It was constructed on the site of the second Jewish Temple, which was destroyed during the Roman Siege of Jerusalem in 70 AD. In 637 AD, Jerusalem surrendered to the Rashidun Caliphate army during the Muslim conquest of Syria. The location of the Dome of the Rock was established as the site of the Islamic miracle of the Isra and Miraj by Caliph Omar ibn al Khattab, who was advised by his associate, Ka'ab al-Ahbar, a former Jewish rabbi who had converted to Islam, that the Night Journey (Isra and Mi'raj), which is mentioned in the Quran and specified by the hadiths of being located in Jerusalem, took place at the site of the former Jewish Temples. The Dome of the Rock was erected between 689 and 691 CE. The names of the two engineers in charge of the project are given as Yazid Ibn Salam fron Jerusalem and Raja Ibn Haywah from Baysan. Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik ibn Marwan who initiated construction of the Dome, hoped it would "house the Muslims from cold and heat" and intended the building to serve as a shrine for pilgrims and not as a mosque for public worship.

Print from 1887. Architect Frederick Catherwood was the first westerner known to have made detailed drawings of the Dome, which he accomplished during a six-week period in 1833.

Shlomo Dov Goitein of the Hebrew University states that the Dome of the Rock was intended to compete with the many fine buildings of worship of other religions. Goitein said: The very form of a rotunda, given to the Qubbat as-Sakhra, although it was foreign to Islam, attempted to rival the many Christian domes of its time.

According to some Islamic scholars, the rock is the spot from which Muhammad ascended to Heaven accompanied by the angel Gabriel. Further, Muhammad was taken here by Gabriel to pray with Abraham, Moses, and Jesus.

This is the spirit in which Dante Del Vecchio and his team at Visconti developed this magnificent piece of art: celebrating the holy city that gave its origins to the three monotheistic religions, Christianity, Judaism, and Islamic Religion.

Made of an exquisite and exclusive vegetal resin with the colors of the Israelian flag shaped as an octagon encrusted with small ceramics reproducing the walls of the Mosque.  The clip is encrousted with a semiprecious stone made of a similar material of the "Foundation Stone"  that is preserved inside the Mosque.  The top of the cap is an exact reproduction of the dome. 

This is the final creation from Visconti of the collections of pens dedicated to religions:

2009: Bible

2011: Mecca & Medina

2012: Twelve Tribes

2013: Al Aqsa


 Visconti Al-Aqsa




 Visconti Al-Aqsa




Visconti Al-Aqsa





Visconti Al-Aqsa





Visconti Al-Aqsa



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Baltimore-Washington Pen Show 2014

Written by Bert Oser

The Baltimore Washington International Pen Show, held at the BWI Marriott on March 1st and 2nd has come to a close. I got very favorable feedback from vendors as well as the 500+ folks who came to see our new venue. With over 75 tables sold we were so over-booked that yours truly, Bertram's Inkwell, had to set up out in the hallway. Thank you Tim Girdler for doing the same. Things started out Thursday night with Richard and Evelyn Vacca unloading their massive display with hopes of getting a jump on setting up Saturday morning. Susan Wirth as well as Martin Ferguson and Sam Marshall also got things going Saturday night. The star dealer awards go to Brian and Lisa Anderson along with Mario Campo for not only arriving in the early morning hours of Friday but to set up their booths in time for the 10AM opening on Saturday. The list goes on from who's who in attendance, so please check out the website for a complete list.
We had a small line starting at around 9am, so some folks had to wait 'til 10AM to get in. From 10AM on, people from as far south as Springfield, VA and as far north from New York were coming through the doors. Tyler Thompson of Organics Studio created a special ink called Baltimore Blue Crab as a give-away for all who came to the Show. Yafa Pen imprinted 750 pens with "Baltimore Pen Show 2014" as an additional give-away. Thanks to both Tyler and Yafa for your generosity.

At 12 noon Deborah Basel was the teacher for her 2 hour calligraphy class.  This is always a big draw at all my shows.  Deborah is loved by all her students and I always get high praises from them. Also at 12 noon Susan Wirth hosted a seminar at her tables where some eager pen enthusiasts shared her expertise on how any pen can improve your handwriting. An hour with Susan Wirth is well worth the time to really learn the basics on fountain pens and handwriting.

Saturday afternoon the vendors were served a boxed lunch which was well-received since most could not leave their tables because they were too busy. No complaints here either with only 4 boxes leftover.
The show closed at 6pm with folks lingering well past 7pm. Gary Gardner held his auction which was loaded with many high quality pens and was well attended, lasting for several hours.

Sunday morning started with a continental breakfast for the dealers and then out of the gate for a 10am start time. While things did slow down on Sunday with the mere mention of snow, the folks did enjoy another day without the crowds like Saturday.

The aisles are wide at the BWI Marriott and the dealers have plenty of room behind them making for a very user friendly and comfortable venue. The hotel is large enough to accommodate upwards of 150 tables, so we have plenty of room for growth. If you were not able to attend as either a dealer or customer please consider the Baltimore-Washington International pen show as a must attend. This show is poised for growth and would like to have you be a part of it.


This review from Fountain Pen Geeks has some great images for you to look at


Monday, 09 December 2013 21:02

New Duke Leader Fountain Pen At Bertram's Inkwell

Written by Bert Oser

Check out the new Duke Leader fountain pen at Bertram's Inkwell!  

The Duke Leader fountain pen is a great looking gift or personal user in perfect balance in form and function.  With the 14k gold nib that writes like a dream, you are sure to be writing for hours on end!  Enjoy this fun and functional beauty that is a fraction of the cost of most other fountain pens with a 14k gold nib!  It's a truly elegant pen. Crafted in luxurious Italian black resin. The fountain pen refills combine the precision of Chinese engineering with the style design and quality expected from a major pen maker like Duke.  You can find this amazing pen at the link:  

Duke Leader Fountain Pen

While we are no longer in White Flint many of my customers are asking whats been happening with the Mall and Lord & Taylor. Looks like things are moving forward but they still have a long way to go. Check out the story here.


Lord & Taylor, White Flint Mall Appear Headed Toward Settlement                

by Aaron Kraut | October 29, 2013 at 10:00 am | 717 views |">0 Comments

White Flint Mall (file photo)After a legal dust-up this summer, it appears Lord & Taylor and White Flint Mall are headed toward a settlement that would keep the department store in the mall’s redevelopment plans.

In July, Lord & Taylor filed suit in federal court to stop Lerner Enterprises from rebuilding the site into a planned mixed-use development. The store claimed the redevelopment would violate the 1975 lease agreement that brought it to Rockville Pike.

In August, Lerner Enterprises fired back with a counter suit claiming millions in damages and saying the New York-based department store timed the lawsuit in order to get a settlement payment.

On Sept. 24, a federal judge granted White Flint’s motion for a partial summary judgement to settle the matter without a trial. The parties held a mediation conference on Oct. 8 in front of Chief Magistrate Judge William Connelly and two more mediation conferences before a follow-up scheduled for Friday, Nov. 8, according to court documents.

Connelly wrote that representatives from Hudson’s Bay Company (which owns and operates Lord & Taylor) and Lerner Enterprises will “review and discuss aspects of lord & Taylor’s continued tenancy at White Flint.”

A settlement hearing is scheduled for Dec. 20.

In September, Lord & Taylor responded to White Flint’s Mall counterclaim by saying “greed” was “White Flint’s driving motive in this case.”


As the mall prepares for redevelopment, most of its tenants have vacated. Lord & Taylor claimed many of those tenants have been pushed out.

Lord & Taylor also said White Flint misrepresented its position on the redevelopment. In its countersuit, White Flint Mall claimed the department store showed no sign of opposition to the redevelopment plan and had in fact engaged in conversations about how it would fit in to the new, mixed-use town center:

White Flint was on notice repeatedly of Lord & Taylor’s objection. To that end, White Flint submitted the preliminary Sketch Plan to the County on February 15, 2012. Almost immediately thereafter, on March 9, 2012, Lord & Taylor wrote to White Flint stating:

We are in receipt of the “Notice of Sketch Plan Application” dated February 15, 2012 in regard to the proposed redevelopment of the White Flint Mall in Kensington, MD. Please be advised that the proposed plan is in clear violation of the Construction, Operation, and Reciprocal Easement Agreement dated as of September 2, 1975. . . . Please take note that we do not consent to the plan and will fully and vigorously defend our rights in regard to this matter.

Lord & Taylor also said it had White Flint get a development consultant to figure out how the department store would fit in the redevelopment.

“All of the changes proposed by Lord & Taylor, however, were ultimately rejected,” Lord & Taylor claimed in its Sept. 5 motion to dismiss White Flint’s counterclaim. “As a result of this and what appeared to be an increasing effort on behalf of White Flint to empty out the existing Enclosed Shopping Center, Lord & Taylor sent a notice of default to White Flint outlining how the proposed redevelopment violated the REA, and asked White Flint to take steps to cure these issues.”

After White Flint did not respond, Lord & Taylor said it finally filed suit.

White Flint Mall’s preliminary plan for redevelopment is expected to go before the county’s Planning Board sometime before the end of the year.

The sketch plan, approved by the Planning Board last fall, calls for 5.22 million square feet of office, residential, retail and other uses around a town square with a new White Flint Neighborhood Park and space for a 400-student elementary school. The sketch plan showed the existing Lord and Taylor building remaining.

Earlier this year, White Flint Mall demolished the structure that was formerly home to Bloomingdale’s. In its counterclaim against Lord & Taylor, the mall said it’s negotiating to bring back Bloomingdale’s and is talking to a number of other potential anchor tenants.

The Cheesecake Factory, which serves as an anchor restaurant, is in the process of building a new space at Westfield Montgomery Mall. Employees said the restaurant hopes to be able to close the White Flint location and almost immediately make the move to Westfield in November.

Sunday, 22 September 2013 00:33

September Events At Bertram's Inkwell

Written by Bert Oser
We hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful Fall weather, and getting back to normal from the "back to school" madness!  There's lots of great things happening here, and we want to share them with you.  
From outside the building
Outside building view
Bert's Corner 
We are looking forward to having Tim Girdler, the incredible nib technician, come to our store on next Saturday, September 28th from 12-5pm.  He does wonders with the toughest of nib "problems".  Whether you need a nib straightened, ground, tuned, or adjusting the flow - he's your man for the job!  You can see from his website how dedicated he is to the craft.  Tim Girdler studied under Richard Binder for quite some time before starting out doing nib repairs for his own pens, which then led him to want to help others and repair their pens.
Steve's Pick of the Month
  Hello everyone,  I'm one of Bert's veteran employees.  Having known him the longest, I can help pick a pen for you quicker than most.  I want to recommend a fun, inexpensive pen for this month's recommendation. Monteverde Tool Pen is handy in every way.  It features 4 different scales of a ruler (a 4-inch ruler, and 3 metric scales 1:100, 1:200, and 1:300).  The ruler is great for measuring just about anything.  On top of the pen is a touch screen stylus for your smartphone and tablet.  Unscrew the stylus, and you will find a double-sided screwdriver with both a phillips-head and a flat-head.  A truly unique feature in this six-sided pen is the level that's in one of the side panels.  With the pen being flat on six sides, the level works beautifully.  And last but not least, the pen comes with a pen!  And not just any ballpoint, but a Monteverde broad, black multipoint refill.  Its super-smooth writing puts down a nice black line for easy reading! 
Why wait until Father's Day?  Buy one now!
The pen sells for $30, and right now we're offering free first class shipping.  Please call for order information to assure free shipping.
Pelikan M200 Demonstrator Fountain Pen

Pelikan M200 Demonstrator Fountain Pen  When Pelikan registered the patent for the differential piston mechanism in 1929, nobody knew that the same technique would survive for decades.  To this day, only a few small changes have perfected the piston mechanism, and the demonstrator model, which was first introduced in a different size just to show how it works, became a global success.  Technically minded people are fascinated to see the mechanism "in action" every time they refill their fountain pen.  The high-quality, transparent resin has to be absolutely free of all color particles.  In order to make this fountain pen even more attractive, it was equipped with an additional ring at the top of the cap.  This ring is plated with 24k gold, just like the clip, the rings, and the stainless steel nib.  We got in a small quantity of this great pen, and are passing the savings on to you! 

Our Price: $99 
List Price: $175
S & H:$3.00  

Save big on the Stipula Passaporto Breast Cancer Fountain Pen!

Stipula Passport Breast Cancer Fountain Pen Treat yourself to this incredible deal on the Stipula Passaporto Breast Cancer Pink Fountain Pen!  In the move from White Flint to here, I found a stack of this great, portable, everyday writer amongst the pens.  These come in fine, medium, and stub.  It makes a great gift - either to yourself or someone else! 

Our Price: $49.95
List Price: $99
S & H: Free!  

Pelikan M800 Italic Fountain Pens at 40% off!

Pelikan M800 Italic Fountain Pen 

Call now to take advantage of a very limited quantity of Pelikan M800 Calligraphy pens!  We have them in green stripes with gold trim.  The pen comes with an impressive solid 18k gold nib in broad italic.  Call now, come in the store and pick yours up, or order online!  The retail price of this gem is $655, and it is yours for only $389!
Join Our Mailing List

:: 800-782-7680



Adam's Treasure Chest
I'm excited to talk about Stipula's incredible new pen - the Israel 65th anniversary pen!  This brilliant piece is furnished with a lustrous white barrel and a deep blue marbled resin cap with an olive branch engraved on the clip.  Only 1948 of these were made in each mode of writing. 
The fountain pen is available with an iridium nib, or 14k gold nib. 
Pricing is as follows:
Fountain pen:
Iridium $250/$195
14k Gold $795/$595
Rollerball: $225/$180
Ballpoint: $195/$149


Shaw Pens Event
We are lucky to have Alan Shaw of Shaw Pens join us on this Saturday, September 28th from 12-5pm. We wanted to make this a separate email update since Alan will be bringing his entire amazing pen line for you to purchase!  He has tons of great options for you to choose from, and he will even bring his latest "Techno-Click" collection for your enjoyment!  We look forward to seeing you at the store for this incredible event!  
And as always, feel free to call/email us with any questions.
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